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ACTIV-EARS Audiology was established to provide high quality audiological services and products to adults and school aged children living in the in the inner northern suburbs of Brisbane.


ACTIV-EARS Audiology is a family company, is independently owned and locally operated with a permanent clinic situated in Everton Park, with visiting clinics located in Bongaree Bribie Island and Meadowbrook. ACTIV-EARS Audiology is not affiliated with any hearing aid manufacturer, giving you the client a wider choice of device. ACTIV-EARS is owned and managed by Audiologist Director Paul Bunn. Together with our experienced administration staff, we focus on providing a leading diagnostic and rehabilitation hearing service. With quality-timed appointments, frequency of service, diagnostic evaluation together with clinician continuity, at ACTIV-EARS Audiology we believe we can provide a better service without the constraints, decisions, appointment time restrictions and sales targets required by a large multi-national company.

ACTIV-EARS is accredited to provide free hearing evaluation services to pensioners and war veterans (DVA cardholders) under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. ACTIV-EARS provides hearing aids and assistive technologies for pensioners and war veterans.

How We Hear

Sound waves enter the ear canal and make the ear drum vibrate. This action moves the tiny chain of bones (ossicles – malleus, incus, stapes) in the middle ear. The last bone in this chain ‘knocks’ on the membrane window of the cochlea and makes the fluid in the cochlea move. The fluid movement then triggers a response in the hearing nerve.

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Auditory Transduction

Sound vibrations from an object cause vibrations in air molecules, which in turn, vibrate your ear drum. The movement of the eardrum causes the bones of your middle ear (the ossicles) to vibrate. These vibrations then pass in to the cochlea, within the cochlea, the hair cells on the organ of Corti bend and cause movement of the basilar membrane. The membrane undulates in different sized waves according to the frequency of the sound. Hair cells are then able to convert this movement into electrical signals which travel along auditory nerves to hearing centres in the brain.

Our Values

• To deliver high quality diagnostic and rehabilitative audiological services

• To provide professional and equitable service provision for all clients

• To provide sound independent audiological advice to clients, GP's and ENT's

• To focus on achieving excellence in customer service

• To provide quality care to children and adults through holistic model of care

Customer Satisfaction 98%
Lego Star Wars Building Skills 90%
Sucessful Kids Hearing Assessments 99.9%
Client Focussed Practice 100%
Communication Improvement with Hearing Aids 94%