About Us


ACTIV-EARS Audiology was established to provide high quality audiological services and products to adults and school aged children living in the in the inner northern suburbs of Brisbane.

Our Audiologist is a full member of the Audiological Society of Australia (ASA) and undergoes continued professional development through the ASA and other professional bodies to keep up to date with the latest advancements in hearing technology and hearing/balance assessment procedures. The role of the audiologist in your hearing health care is also described HERE by the ASA.

Why ACTIV-EARS Audiology

Undergaduate and Honours Degree in Psychology, Masters Degree in Audiology, published research, recently worked as a researcher with the Communication Disability Centre and HearingCRC at the University of Queensland. We are qualified to a significantly higher standard and do not consider ourselves to be hearing aid dispensers or salespeople. You are guaranteed to be seen by a qualified and experienced Audiologist, so you can be reassured that you are in safe hands.

By using the latest techniques and equipment, we ensure that the hearing aids we fit enable you to hear speech as clearly as possible. This service is rarely offered by other dispensers as it requires specialist Audiologist equipment and expertise.

We offer a second to none service in our state of the art clinic or your own home and guarantee all customers a fast and personalised service from our friendly and experienced team.

ACTIV-EARS is an independent family run business and as such can offer an honest and unconstrained service offering you the best choice of products for your specific needs.

Holistic Approach
Hearing loss is just not a problem for the person with the hearing loss, it effects all the people close to them. That is why you’ll get a better outcome at ACTIV-EARS Audiology, we have adopted an approach that recognises third party disability that involves the family in the ‘audiological process’. We care, you’ll see the difference.

Paul’s venture into private practice came as an idea from his dissatisfaction at working within a large private company. Paul is a strong believer in a holistic approach to audiology. He also believes that family involvement in the ‘audiological process’ is vital for better outcomes for everybody including the client with the hearing loss. Paul is a university trained Audiologist [UQ], he also has an undergraduate and honours degree in psychology. Paul psychology honours thesis has been in print in various forms in different psychology journals and recently in the International Journal of Audiology [a list of the articles and journals can be seen below]. He recently held a research position at the University of Queensland in the area of adult hearing rehabilitation, working in the Communication Disability Centre and the Hearing CRC. Also, he worked in the UQ Audiology clinic as a clinical supervisor of first year audiology students – a position he greatly enjoyed.

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ACTIV-EARS is accredited to provide free hearing evaluation services to pensioners and war veterans (DVA cardholders) under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. ACTIV-EARS provides hearing aids and assistive technologies for pensioners and war veterans.