Why YOU should wear ear plugs to a concert?


Why YOU should wear ear plugs to a concert?

Ear Plugs…..Well, Yes!

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing a musician or band take to the stage, and feeling the ground almost vibrate with the roar of the crowd. Whether at a rock concert or a blues festival, one thing is certain to remain the same – it’s bound to be loud.

For the first song or two, your ears will be reeling with the sound blasting from the speakers, but gradually you’ll adjust as the set continues. After a few hours of enjoying the music, you’ll return home, your ears faintly ringing even though the show is finished. If this sounds familiar, you have likely experienced the symptoms of tinnitus, a hearing condition thought to affect up to one in five Australians, according to the Victorian government’s Better Health Channel.

Protecting your ears so you can enjoy music for years to come

Tinnitus is just one of the possible side effects of overexposure to loud noise, a phenomenon that the World Health Organisation believes is placing 1.1 billion young people at risk of hearing loss.

Music concerts are a prime example of potentially damaging recreational noise – some concerts can surpass 110 decibels, a worrying fact considering that hearing damage can occur after just two minutes of listening at this level.

However, thanks to some basic earplugs, you can still enjoy your favourite artists live without risking your hearing. You can use a foam pair, like those commonly seen in use on an airplane, but if you’re concerned about a reduction in clarity of the music, you can also purchase a high fidelity pair, or a more sophisticated solution such as those used by musicians themselves.


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